Build Powerful Relationships

Make People Matter

Empowering Connections,
Igniting Relationships For
Thriving Transformations
Of Teams & Business

Elevate & Empower: Transformative Solutions
For Organizational Success

Unlock Leadership Excellence, Drive Innovation, & Foster A Culture Of Inclusivity

Transformative Leadership & Employee Engagement:

Elevate leadership skills and redefine employee engagement for a high-performing and innovative workforce.

Holistic well-being & technology integration:
Prioritize employee well-being with comprehensive initiatives while integrating cutting-edge technology for streamlined operations

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Focus:

Foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion driving unity and belonging in the workplace.

Return on Investments & Customizable Solutions: Achieve measurable ROI through a customized program tailored to your organizations unique needs and goals.

Let’s scale your business with ease by prioritizing people.

Contrary to popular belief, investing in our people is of highest priority. Communication, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion matter most when it comes to staffing and company growth.

Teams and departments that communicate and work together well impact the bottom line in more ways than one. When your business is running well, everyone is more creative, productive, supporting the well-being and success of our people and the bottom line.

Driven by purpose

Understanding values in relationships helps you

grow your business icon

Grow Your Business

By investing in the development and unity of our people, we ensure a thriving workforce and also sustainable business success that goes beyond the bottom line.

work life balance icon

Better Work-Life Balance

Working in a thriving environment with people you value makes it easier to have work-life balance and be at your best in all aspects of life

energise your company icon

Energise Your Company

Build a workplace environment where teams communicate effectively, collaborate seamlessly, and celebrate diversity, creating a culture energized and driven by shared purpose.

See what Cheri Tree, founder of Codebreaker Technologies and BANK has to say about
Susan K. Younger | Relationship Architect

Professional Communication Skills

According to the Harvard Business Review, effective communication is the number one skill you need for professional success– whether you’re looking to build up your credibility in the boardroom, launch your own business, or even be a transformational business leader. Professional communication is the primary skill that will open doors and maximize your impact in the business world. To be trusted as a professional, you need to know how to address the uniqueness you find in others.

Supercharge your leadership and defines how others may define professionalism based on values different from your own and be consistently able to communicate as an empowered business leader

Gain Adaptability in Leadership

There is no one leadership style. Different situations call for different approaches, and effective leaders can adjust their leadership style to meet the needs of the situation. Simple conversations become game changers. Difficult conversations are untangled when she helps leaders understand how to build connections and relationships based upon the values of the team, clients, or potential employees.

Where To Connect

Table Of Soul

6PM on the 4th Monday monthly.
Location: The Network Bar, Dallas, TX
Dinner and conversation.

Monthly C-Suite
Dallas Mixer

3rd Wednesday monthly

Thrive & Transform With SKY

2nd Thursday monthly
6PM Central - on Zoom


Learning the BANKCODE system under Susan's tutelage is both a privilege and pleasure! No matter what she does, Susan proves herself to be exceptional. I don't know many individuals who could master architecture, massage and organizational selection processes...and do them all with skill and grace!

Lin O'Neill

I am delighted to share my wholehearted recommendation for Susan, a dynamic professional with a passion for building tribes and making life and business hum while achieving extraordinary outcomes for all involved.

Susan's approach to her work and life is beautifully encapsulated in the word "simple." In tackling complex projects for both large corporations and small businesses, she has consistently demonstrated her ability to simplify the most intricate challenges

Glenn Andrew



Dallas, TX

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Dallas, Texas


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